When it comes to child care it is extremely important that you create a safe environment. Children are curious and are still learning what is right from wrong, harmful or harmless, making sure that they are in safe spaces from a child’s viewpoint can make all the difference!

When assessing your space & creating the ideal environment for a child or children it is important to abide by the following guidelines. This will help to ensure that you provide the healthiest and safest environment for the children in your care.

Child’s Eye-View: As we mentioned before, get down to a child’s height and look from their viewpoint. What do you notice now that might be dangerous if reached by a child? It is easy to miss these somewhat hidden hazards because we don’t see them from an adult’s height & perspective.

Chemical/Medicine Storage: It goes without saying that you need to keep hazardous chemicals out of reach of children. Medications whether they be over the counter or prescription should also be kept out of reach of children. Put locks on cabinets, place chemicals and other hazardous substances up high, out of reach & the view of children and curious minds.

Other Hazards: Don’t forget to add covers to electrical outlets, make sure outdoor areas are fenced in, and stairs are properly blocked off. Assessing your childcare space and making a list of all potentially hazardous things & areas can help you to not miss anything.

Organize Your Childcare Space: Did you know that organizing your space properly and efficiently can even help with the behavior of the children in your care!? For instance, too much open space can cause them to act out, while too little space can make them irritable and unsettled. Create a space that a child can explore in but at the same time have established boundaries and remain safe. You should also make sure that the toys and activities available to the age group of children in your care are appropriate.

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a safe learning environment for children. You want the children in your care to thrive, have the freedom to learn & discover yet feel safe, protected, and guided at the same time. With the proper planning & focus, you can create the best learning environment and the safest space for the children in your care.