With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, it is now more important than ever to make sure that your daycare facility stays as clean and sanitized as possible. With new guidelines set in place, the different daycare facilities should be effectively and efficiently sanitizing their spaces and multiple rooms and play areas throughout the day. So what are some of the sanitation and health protection guidelines that you should see in place at your child’s daycare facility?

COVID-19 Daycare Sanitizing Checklist

Handwashing – One of the most effective and important ways to help prevent any type of viral infection including COVID. All of the daycare facility personnel should be washing their hands frequently as well as giving the children multiple chances to wash theirs as well.

Disinfecting Routines – It is really important that you ask how the facility has changed its disinfecting and sanitizing routines. How often are high contact surfaces cleaned & sanitized? This includes things like high chairs, tables, and toy station areas. Anywhere that is a children’s area should be sanitized several times after use and drinking fountains should be disinfected daily. 

Screening Employees/Children – It is important that all employees and children entering the facility are screened upon coming in. This means that temperatures are taken and anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher should not be permitted to enter the facility at all!

Ask For MIS-C Information – While the coronavirus doesn’t seem to be infecting children as readily as it is adults and most children have tended to have very little symptoms and issues, more and more cases of MIS-C, a serious inflammatory condition, have been reported amongst children. Ask your daycare provider to share any and all information & updates they may receive.

It is also important to note that anyone who has any underlying medical conditions has an increased risk of contracting COVID as well as are more susceptible to complications once infected. It is always great to check The CDC’s guidelines and ask any questions that you deem necessary!