With many moms wanting to stay home with their children and yet not entirely give up working & bringing in income, a childcare business can be a great work from home option. Starting your own childcare business is a quick start-up business and generally comes with low start-up costs. While every state varies in terms of its requirements and licensing for home-based childcare businesses most will require some type of short term training program, a passed state exam, CPR training & certification, and FBI background check.

Once you have worked out the requirements needed you will then need to decide if you want to utilize your entire home for your business or perhaps just one large room. That being said, your garage is a perfect space to utilize! Garage door repair and epoxy floor experts weigh in on just how simple transforming your garage into a childcare space can be!

Steps To Converting Your Garage Into A Childcare Space 

The Planning Stage- the first thing to do once you decide on utilizing your garage space is to start planning. What are you envisoning for your space? Will you need to do simple renovations or are they a bit more complex and time-consuming? Having a general idea of what you are trying to achieve when converting your garage space will help simplify the process immensely. Scheduling a consultation with a reputable & professional garage door company is also highly suggested,

Storage Space- Now that you have a general blueprint of where you are headed with your garage it is time to clear out your space. Overhead storage is a great way to maintain an adequate amount of storage space while also still utilizing your garage space. Having shelves or cabinets added can also help with storage space allowing for more free room about the space.

Flooring- While carpet may seem like the way to go for the safety of children it can also be quite the disaster. Children spill and have little accidents frequently which is all part of the growing process. However, these little mishaps can be tough to clean up. Having epoxy applied to your garage flooring can offer an easy cleaning alternative that leaves your space looking clean and fresh while also being safe and durable for children. 

Paint & Such- Now that you have the basics done it is time for the fun part! Pick your colors (children love a mix of bright colors), choose your furnishings, toys, and activities. Keep in mind that everything you use must be safe and compatible with the age group of children in your care. 

Get creative, research different space ideas, and work with a trustworthy garage door company! With a little elbow grease, a small investment & a lot of creativity you can work from home while also creating an incredible space for your new childcare business.